SMS Commander enables you to contact your staff, customers, clients or suppliers - virtually anyone in fact, with a mobile phone. You can send messages individually or by group, as a one-off or from a bank of stored messages, specifically created for your business needs.

Automating the messaging function makes SMS Commander a very powerful communications tool.  You can personalise your text messages to advise of special events, appointments or meetings well ahead of the scheduled time.

SMS Commander’s strength lies in its ability to import data from other applications, such as Microsoft
Outlook, Excel, Access, MYOB, ACT! and an array of business specific programs. All this can be setup in a matter of minutes - it’s that simple!

Click For Enlarged ImageDatabases can be imported, and relevant information selected for use in a merged message.

Simply integrate the database or information you require, which maybe your customer list, overdue reminders from your billing system, tomorrow’s appointments or even staff rostering.

You can send one or multiple SMS Messages simply and easily. Information from the data source can be included in the messages to be sent. In addition to all of this, reply confirmations or responses can be received via e-mail when using an optional 'Virtual Mobile Number'.

Imagine the Possibilities!

All this for less than the cost of a standard phone call!


Benefits to Your Business:

  • PC based SMS message sending and receiving.

  • Send multiple SMS messages directly from your desktop computer within minutes.

  • Faster than sending an email.

  • Easy to navigate and simple to use while providing endless functionality.

  • Clear, concise printed messages, stored in the recipient’s mobile phone.

  • Save more than 75% off the average cost of a 1 minute mobile phone call.

  • Messages are pre-purchased in blocks allowing you to better manage your communications costs.

  • Unique database integration system utilises data from your existing software applications.

  • Fully integrated ‘Text Merging’ facility…Mail merge data from a spreadsheet, database or most Windows based applications into your messages.

  • Web based statistical reports, coupled with a comprehensive 'Sent Items' log, allows easy tracking of every message sent.

  • Store and share contacts in the inbuilt 'phone book' or use your contacts stored in your existing software.

Advantages to the Mobile Phone User:

  • Reduces disruptive phone calls.

  • Important messages are delivered immediately, clearly and accurately.

  • No more searching for a pen and paper to take down details.

  • No more lost customers through undelivered/confused voice calls.

  • No more calling “message bank” to retrieve voice messages.  SMS messages are delivered directly to your phone's inbox - at no extra cost!

  • Re-call those important details when convenient.

  • Easily respond with a confirmation or reply message to the sender's e-mail.

If you already have a PC and use mobile phones in your business, all you need is SMS Commander to allow you to contact people at a fraction of the costs that your are already paying. All this without any new equipment purchases – just SMS Commander.