• SMS Messaging from your PC Desktop.
  • PC based SMS Sending and Receiving.
  • Integrated SMS Dispatch System.
  • Easier than sending a SMS message from your phone.
  • No need to go to a website to send your SMS message from a PC.
  • Easy to Navigate and simple to use while providing endless functionality.
  • Send One to Many messages with full tracking and management.
  • Bring together all your software programs from your office network for full integration.
  • Broadcast any information you wish from any source… Employee rosters, Confirmation of upcoming appointments, etc…
  • Information sent to recipient is precise and accurate saving time with conveying a verbal message...more efficient time management.
  • Preview the SMS Message prior to sending with the ‘Presending viewer’.

Technological Advantages

  • Built on the latest Microsoft technology, Microsoft.net framework, providing full interfacing to most windows based application.

  • Wireless technology integration into your business environment with ease and efficiency…

  • Full Windows interfacing capabilities.

  • In contrast to other existing text-message transmission services such as alphanumeric paging, the service elements are designed to provide guaranteed delivery of text messages to the destination phones.

Cost Benefits

  • A 1 minute call to a mobile phone on average will cost $0.75 compared to message sent via SMS Commander of $0.18 or less… A saving of more than 75%.

  • Low cost text alternative to communication… Think of the cost savings on mobile phone usage…

  • Sending a Letter via snail mail can cost well in excess of $1.00… Postage Stamp, Envelope, Paper, Printing, labour cost and then the delivery turnaround time…

  • Send 1000 of your clients a marketing campaign script with a delivery budget of $175.00 or $0.17 per SMS.

  • Messages are pre-purchased in blocks so that you can control the cost and usage. Communication costs that you can budget for…

Delivery Time

  • Instantaneous (0.05 second) for a single SMS sent on Broadband or Dial-Up connections.

  • 60 SMS Messages sent within 15 seconds on a Broadband connection.

  • 60 SMS Messages sent within 30 seconds on a Dial-Up connection.

  • Faster than an email.

Linking Existing Databases

Contact Library

  • Personal contacts library for each user that can be integrated into your network.

  • Globalise contacts library from any location on your network to any user.

  • Complete ‘Inbuilt’ Client Management System so you can group/categorise your contact list for easy retrieval of your groups.

Receiving SMS Messaging - VMN (Virtual Mobile Number)

  • Receive replies via email for confirmation or response information from the recipient.

  • All your recipient has to do is reply to your SMS and the message will return to your email inbox.

Reporting &Tracking

  • Graphical web based activity analysis allows easy monitoring of usage throughout your organisation.

  • Individual or Group 'Sent Items' logs enable tracking of every message sent.

Mail Merge Functionality

  • Mail Merge details from a spreadsheet, database or from your contacts details with ease into your text message.

  • Personalise messages by including names, today's date, tomorrow's date, or any other data sourced from your existing databases.

Marketing Features

  • Bring together client lists from a number of different programs and sources into one and migrate to create one contact list from anywhere over your office network.

  • Continuously revisit the same client source at anytime by simply selecting a dropdown option.

  • Select from your list who will receive your SMS Message with a simple ‘Tickbox’ option.

  • Schedule the delivery of the SMS Messages for a future time for maximum effectiveness.

  • Send messages with an option to confirm or respond with a reply number.

Scheduled SMS Delivery

  • Schedule the delivery of the SMS Messages for a future time for maximum effectiveness.